Well based QCM Devices for research

Discovery-Q Device in a lab

Invitrometrix designs and manufactures a multi-well Quartz Crystal Microbalance (QCM), a sensitive surface sensing technology.

Our technology is designed to advance Life science & Drug discovery research , Chemistry research and Biomaterial research in a multi-well based format.

Icons for Technology

Invitro-Q consumable wells Invitro-Q Device Subsequent generation of our device is the Invitro-Q, a 24 well multi-well device designed for higher throughput, which will include a software suite of biokinetic signatures that have been generated for specific cells in response to agents for matching of experimental agents.

Multi-Q Device The Multi-Q is the high throughput device that will allow of 96 well experimentation with larger cell well volumes for long term, multi-day experimentation.

Invitrometrix has many different solutions to different research problems. Find out how the Discovery-Q can advance your research!

Discovery-Q for Cell Culture

QCMs have proven to be versatile biology research devices. Learn about how the Discovery-Q can help in our field.

Discovery-Q for innovative research

QCMs were first developed for chemistry and physics research. Learn about how the Discovery-Q can continue to help in those areas, including materials sciences.

Research Services provided By Invitrometrix

A new technology always takes some getting used to. Allow Invitrometrix to help with preliminary research, developing your SOP and optimize the onboarding process of this novel technology into your labs.