Discovery-Q Device

Discovery-Q is our basic 4-well miniplate research device composed of the consumable sensor well plate, Discovery-Q base containing the data acquisition system.

The devices provide data recording capability including measuring change in frequency and change in resistance (or dissipation) of samples at the picogram level. The Discovery-Q is designed using multi-well plate format. All data is exported as comma separated values and can be imported into Excel™, Origin Pro™, or other data analysis software.

The device utilizes 10 MHz AT cut quartz crystals, with a polished gold electrode acting as the sensing element. A temperature measuring component is included on each device that allow for monitoring of the temperature.

The Discovery-Q is designed for easy set-up and use in a cell culture incubator if needed, to enable routined experiments to be performed with the platform. The mult-well plates are based on the standard cell culture consumable well plate, and the wells sizes are equivalent to a 24 well plate diameter and volume. The plates are designed to be disposable to ensure that research is not contaminated by cells, drugs, agents. A Discovery-Q consists of two components, the base plate that has the USB cord for power and data storage, and a consumable well plate that is attached with a screw to connect the new sensor plate. There is no need to handle sensitive sensors or ensure correct pressure or contact is generated.

Discovery-Q in 3 parts
devices in incubator

The Discovery-Q is specialized for whole-cell based sensing and is designed to be compatible with cell culture incubator use for continuous use. Multiple devices can be placed in one incubator to increase the quantity of research performed. Shown in this image are the next generation Invitro-Q and Multi-Q devices.

The Discovery-Q can also be used for traditional research regarding binding and release of antibodies, and formation of biolayers. The device monitors cell changes quantitatively, permitting significantly better disease modeling for drug discovery.

This includes assessing how cells affect each other (cell-to-cell), and how the scaffold they grow on affects them (cell-to-matrix interaction). Devices are specifically designed to function in a cell culture incubator allowing continuous multiple day real-time monitoring of cells. The multi-well plates are disposable and sterilized enabling cell culture. Using this research platform will make disease models more reliable, permitting more robust drug discovery approaches.

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