Long term primary hepatocyte culture with the Discovery-Q

Exploring primary hepatocyte health and lot variability with the Discovery-Q

Discovery-Q Device

Invitrometrix has developed a specially modified Quartz Crystal Microbalance, that can assess key phenotypic characteristics of primary human liver cells. The primary hepatocytes can be monitored in real-time for up to eight days.

The strength of using the Discovery-Q in research enables elucidating the critical confounding effects of cell density changes during the experimental period.

Validating lot by lot variability of primary cells to ensure accurate and repeatable subsequent research.

Our Discovery-Q system is also capable of measuring the interplay between cell-cell (hepatocytes and stellate cells) and the interplay between cells-extracellular matrix (collagen I or Collagen IV), an essential aspect of fibrotic disease.

Invitrometrix has conducted extensive research with human primary liver cells to elucidate these areas:

  • Analysis of primary hepatocytes health and experimental windows