Exploring human liver fibrosis cell culture models using the Discovery-Q

Enable quantitative measurement of the cell to cell interplay in disease modeling and cell to ECM effects.

Discovery-Q Device

InVitroMetrix has developed a specially modified Quartz Crystal Microbalance, that can assess key phenotypic characteristics of primary human liver cells. The primary liver co-cultures models can be monitored in real-time.

The Discovery-Q is capable of measuring the interplay between cell-cell (hepatocytes and stellate cells) and the interplay between cells-extracellular matrix (collagen I or Collagen IV), an essential aspect of fibrotic disease.

Invitrometrix has conducted extensive research with human primary liver cells to elucidate these areas:

  • Simulation of primary liver cells in co-culture, and which ratios represent the human disease states
  • Primary liver cell co-culture on healthy vs. fibrotic extracellular matrix to create a biomarker secretion profile that is similar to human disease levels