Extracellular Matrices in regenerative research and disease progression research

Well based QCM Devices for ECM research

The Discovery-Q is a 4-well mini plate designed for cell-based research. It aims to address the shortage of phenotypic screens in drug discovery and development. The Discovery-Q provides a quantitative phenotypic cell-based investigation method. The device works in a cell culture incubator to ensure ideal conditions for cell research over multiple days.

The Discovery-Q is a living whole cell biosensor that detects measurable changes in cellular biomechanics: attachment, mass redistribution, viscoelasticity. The system creates real-time, reproducible and robust experiment data and can be used with any adherent and semi-adherent cell type. The technique is label free, rapid, and sensitive, and it gives unique kinetic information such as protein-protein interactions from the bound cells.

Application Notes

Extracellular matrix on disease progression on the Discovery-Q