About Us


During in vitro experimentation, the culture's health and when they respond to the agent is an unknown. Bio-markers and time points are picked according to the researchers availability instead of when a biological response is occurring.

What if you could watch in real time and determine when the cells are responding? If you could ensure repeatability of your research across researchers and experiments?

Our vision is to improve and accelerate research by providing repeatability of experiments with quantitative culture health measurements and set acceptable parameters to determine if the experiment should proceed. In addition to the ability to pinpoint when the culture is responding to an agent by sensing biophysical and mechanical changes.


After years of conducting cell culture research, we realized we were missing a lot of what the cells were doing. Our fixed time points at 8 or 12 hours were mandated by our schedules and not when a response was occurring. Our assays were measuring to see if something had happened, and not WHEN and WHAT had happened. So, we were determined to change that and create a research device to enable research with real time quantitative monitoring of cells.

We are pleased to announce our first basic research device, the Discovery-Q!