Make the Invisible Visible

A Research platform enabling real time, multi-day, quantitative data from in vitro experiments


Research is lacking a method to monitor experiments in real time, multi-day method to quantitatively measure cell health and response to agents in a cell culture incubator without using labels. Our Discovery-Q is a platform that changes that!

We are providing the pharmaceutical and research industries with a multi-well whole-cell biosensor. Enabling quantitative measurement of phenotypic changes relating to biomechanics and biophysics, during research, drug discovery and development.

Invitrometrix designs and manufactures a multi-well Quartz Crystal Microbalance (QCM), a sensitive surface sensing technology. The Discovery-Q QCM device enables life science cell research by sensing cells’ physical/mechanical properties in ways that other technologies cannot. This technology can improve life science research and drug discovery outcomes with real time, multi day, quantitative measurements.

We are pleased to announce our first commercial device the Discovery-Q. Our technology measures biophysical and biomechanical changes in live cells over multiple days in a multi-well plate. Our technology monitors in vitro cell changes quantitatively, in real time, permitting significantly better disease modeling for drug discovery by assessing how drugs affect cells, how cells affect each other (cell-to-cell), and how the scaffold they grow on affects them (cell-to-matrix interaction). Our technology measures subtle physical cell changes that other technologies cannot.

Enabling quantitative measurement of phenotypic changes in drug discovery.

Using our commercial Discovery-Q in research offers sensitivity, consistency and significant reduction in sample manipulation resulting in more meaningful and consistent results. The Discovery-Q is a non-invasive, label free approach, generating a continuous flow of real-time data. The Discovery-Q does not require culture sacrifice; it can collect data on live cells for multiple days from within a standard cell culture incubator.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.