Dr. Abiche Dewilde

CSO & Co-founder, Biomedical Engineering and Biotechnology

Abiche Dewilde Dr. Dewilde has technical expertise in biomedical engineering and performed post-doctoral work leading to the prototype design of the company’s biosensors. Her expertise is device development for cell research in toxicology, drug discovery and animal research. While pursuing her Ph.D. at the University of Massachusetts Lowell (UML) in biomedical engineering and biotechnology, Dr. Dewilde was researching novel methods to sense whole cells. Dr. Dewilde was a co-inventor of the technology used at Invitrometrix.

Berk Akinci

CTO & Co-founder, Electrical Engineer

Berk Akinci Mr. Akinci is an electrical engineer with extensive experience in microprocessors, network devices, storage devices, and biomedical devices. He designs and builds the InVitroMetrix devices.

Mr. Akinci has been producing successful circuit and device designs for over 16 years. He has designed hardware at a large multi-national company (Oracle), a start-up company (Nauticus Networks) and a small publicly-traded company (Corero Network Security). He is most recently a Principal Engineer at a small profitable private company, ZeeVee, developing AV distribution product for surgical suites.

Mr. Akinci is responsible for developing the multi-well cell-based QCM, and he is an inventor of the technology used at Invitrometrix.

Dr. Mark Benjamin

Business Advisor

Mark Benjamin Dr. Benjamin is a biotech industry executive leading strategic planning, business development, financing, and team development (both scientific and operational) that result in revenue-generating opportunities to maximize the value and success of innovative technology start-up companies.

Dr. Benjamin has a Harvard Doctorate of Science degree combined with a career that began in research. He developed a unique talent for translating and articulating complex science and technology into compelling business propositions understood by diverse audiences.