Dr. Mike Morin

President & CSO at Immunome

Michael Morin Dr. Morin is President and Chief Executive Officer of Immunome. He has had a productive career in cancer research, with a long-standing commitment to improving patient care. As Vice President of Pfizer Global R&D, overseeing Antibacterial, Immunology and Cancer drug discovery in Groton, CT.

During his 17-year Pfizer career, Dr. Morin led in the discovery of approximately 40 clinical candidates, many of which remain in active development. Most notable among these therapeutics was Dr. Morin’s direct leadership in the discovery through Phase 2 proof-of-concept for erlotinib (Tarceva™), a small molecule inhibitor of the epidermal growth factor receptor tyrosine kinase (a blockbuster drug marketed now by Roche and Astellas). Dr. Morin also led the group responsible for the discovery and development of tofacitinib (Xeljanz™), a Janus kinase (JAK) inhibitor for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis that received marketing approval in 2012.

Since 2008, Mike has been working as an advisor and as C-level interim leader of different venture-backed biotechnology and publicly held pharmaceutical companies. Included among these were positions at Supportive Therapeutics (CEO) and Onkaido (CSO). Dr. Morin is a member of the Invitrometrix Scientific Advisory Board.

Dr. Adam Hill

CTO at Triple Sharp Venture Engineering

Adam Hill Dr. Adam Hill has had 20 years in Pharmaceutical companies mainly in early drug discovery. He is the CTO for an early stage Venture Company, Triple Sharp Venture Engineering. Dr Hill is focused on impacting patients lives - bringing efficiency and effectiveness to discovering new medicines. He is a pioneer of the implementation of new technologies in life sciences.

Previously, Dr. Hill was a founder and CEO of Prospective Research, Inc., a startup company focused on antibiotic discovery; in particular, novel compounds effective against gram negative bacteria with a new mechanism of action.

Dr. Hill was a director at Novartis, managing a group of 65 in Screening for CPC Cambridge engaged in early drug discovery - including sample management, cell engineering, assay development, high throughput screening using biochemical, cell and phenotypic readouts, and follow up. He has experience in safety pharmacology, in silico approaches and biophysics. Dr. Hill is a member of the Invitrometrix Scientific Advisory Board.

Henry Kay

Henry Kay Henry Kay is currently serving on the boards of directors of several Life science companies in the US and Canada. He is an active Angel Investor and member of Boston harbor Angels and sky Venture Group.

Mr. Kay retired from Boston Scientific in 2006, where he was Group Vice President of New Market Development / Strategic Planning, Endosurgery Boston Scientific Corporation (BSC).

Prior to joining BSC, Henry was based in the UK for five years as Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing for Allergan Europe, a global eye care company.

He has 35 years of experience in the medical industry in roles which include R&D, International Marketing, Regulatory Affairs, and Strategic Planning for major pharmaceutical companies, including Schering-Plough, American Home Products, Sterling Drug and Allergan.

Nancy Saucier

Director of New Venture Development, UMass Lowell

Nancy Saucier Nancy Saucier has more than 20 years’ experience in marketing and public advocacy, half of which she has spent dedicated to the startups and venture capital community. She has extensive knowledge of start-up activity and strategy, venture capital, community and alliance development, and organization operations management. At UMass Lowell, she is a Director responsible for all new venture and entrepreneurial programs.